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IIPLA Annual Congress, 16-17 Jan 2017, Dubai

The International Intellectual Property Association (IIPLA) is holding its Annual Congress of 2017 on 16-17th January 2017 in Dubai Radisson Blu Hotel, Deira Greek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

EIPR’s Article July 2016 Issue

Sweet & Maxwell’s European Intellectual Property Review has published in its July 2016  Issue (38) (7)  at 416-436,  my article entitled “The Adoption of the American Fair Use in Gulf States – A Comparative Analysis of Author’s Exceptions in Common Law and Civil Law Countries”.

11th Global IP Convention, New Delhi, 11-13 Jan 2017

ITAG Business Solutions LTD is organizing an international IP conference that will be held in New Delhi.

IP Scholars Conference — Stanford, CA, 11-12 Aug, 2016

The Program in Law, Science & Technology at Stanford Law School will host the Sixteenth Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference on August 11-12, 2016.

World IP Forum 2017, Bangalore, India

The World Intellectual Property Forum is holding its annual conference in Bangalore, India on 26- 28 April 2017. The Theme of the Conference is ” Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property”.

The ATRIP 2016 Congress, Karkov, Poland, 26 June 2016

The International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP) is organizing its annual conference entitled “intellectual Property as Functional Pluralism: The Parameters, Challenges and Opportunities of Variation”.

EIFL Announces New Open Access Project in Palestine

The Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) is delighted to announce a new project, ‘Open Access in Palestine’, with Palestine Polytechnic University and the Palestinian Library and Information Consortium (PALICO), which is an EIFL partner consortium.

IP Scholars Roundtable at UNH, 6-7 November 2015

The University of New Hampshire School of Law and Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property is holding the Fifth Annual IP Scholars’ Roundtable that will be held in Concord, New Hampshire on 6-7 November 2015.

10th Global IP Convention, Bengaluru, 23-25 January 2018

ITAG Business Solutions LTD is organizing an international IP conference that will be held in Bengaluru.

The Fourth Global Congress on IP and Public Interest, New Delhi, 15-17 December 2015

On 15- 17 December 2015, delegates from national and international governmental entities, the private sector, civil society, and academia will meet in New Delhi, India for 3 days in New Delhi, India.

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