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New Book: Intellectual Property and Development Theory and Practice

Springer Berlin Heidelberg has recently published a new book for me entitled Intellectual Property and Development Theory and Practice. Foreward by Ahmed Abdel Latif, Senior Program Manager International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Geneva.

Reviewed by Professor Peter Yu,Drake University Law School, USA and general editor of The WIPO Journal as follows:

“Rami Olwan has provided a rich, passionately written and culturally sensitive account of the relationship between intellectual property and development. The case study on Jordan is unique, and the concrete policy recommendations at the end of the volume are highly practical. It is also welcoming to read the author’s pro-active discussion of open access initiatives, which are increasingly important in the developing world. This timely and informative book will be of great interest to those seeking to learn more about how intellectual property and development play out on the ground.”


The book examines the correlation between Intellectual Property Law – notably copyright – on the one hand and social and economic development on the other. The main focus of the initial overview is on historical, legal, economic and cultural aspects.

Building on that, the work subsequently investigates how intellectual property systems have to be designed in order to foster social and economic growth in developing countries and puts forward theoretical and practical solutions that should be considered and implemented by policy makers, legal experts and the Word Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

For more information about the book, please visit Springer’s website here.

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