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Recommended Readings for IP and Development

Please find below research including books and articles on IP and development.


Robert M. Sherwood, Intellectual Property and Economic Development (Westview, 1990).

Philip G. Altbach (ed), Copyright and Development: Inequality in the Information Age (Bellagio, 1995).

Yong Shik Lee, Reclaiming Development in the World Trading System (Cambridge, 2006).

Keith Maskus, Intellectual Property Rights in the Global Economy (Institute for International Economics, 2000). 

Keith Maskus (ed), Intellectual Property, Growth and Trade  (Elsevier, 2008).

Jeremy de Beer, Implementing the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Development Agenda (Wilfrid Laurier University,     2009).

Carsten Fink and Keith Maskus (ed), Intellectual Property and Economic Development Lessons from the Recent Economic

Research (The World Bank, 2005).

Neil Weinstock Netanel (ed), The Development Agenda- Global Intellectual Property and Developing Countries (Oxford, 2009)

Tzen Wong and Graham Dutfield, Intellectual Property and Human Development (Cambridge, 2011).

Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz and Pedro Roffe (ed), Intellectual Property and Sustainable Developmen: Development Agenda in a Changing World (Edward Elgar, 2010).

Hirouki Odagiri et al (eds), Intellectual Property Rights, Development and Catch UP (Oxford, 2010).

Nagla Rizk and Lea Shaver (ed), Access to Knowledge in Egypt (Bloomsbury, 2010).

Lea Shaver (ed), Access to Knowledge in Brazil (Bloomsbury, 2010).

Rosemary J Coombe, The Culture Life of Intellectual Properties (Duke University, 1998).

Assafa Endeshaw, Intellectual Property in Asian Emerging Economies (Ashgate, 2010), ch 12.

Bryan Mercurio,‘Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Development’ in Law and Development Perspective on International Trade Law, edited by Y.S.Lee et al, (Cambridge University, 2011).

Matthews Duncan, Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Development The Role of NGOs and Social Movement (Edward Elgar,    2011).

Ramesh Subramanian and Lea Shaver (eds), Access to Knowledge in India (Bloomsbury Academic, 2011).

Hiroko Yamane, Interpreting TRIPS (Hart, 2011) ch 2.

Chidi Oguamanam, Intellectual Property in Global Governance: A Development Question (Routlege, 2012).

Margaret Chon, ‘A Rough Guide to Global Intellectual Property Pluralism’ in Rochelle C. Dreyfuss et al (ed), Working with the Boundaries of Intellectual Property (Oxford, 2010) 446, 458-463.



Margaret Chon, ‘Intellectual Property and the Development Divide’ (2006) 27 Cardozo Law Review, 2821. 

Denis Borges Barbosa,Margaret Chon and Andres Moncayo von, ‘Slouching Towards Development in International Intellectual

Property’ (2007) Michigan State Law Review, 71.

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Development (May 2004).

Ruth L Gana (Okediji), ‘The Myth of Development, the Progress of Rights: Human Rights to Intellectual Property and

Development (1996) 18 Law and Policy Law Journal, 315.

Ruth Gana Okediji, ‘Copyright and Public Welfare in Global Perspective’ (1999-2000) 7 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies


Lea Shaver, ‘The Right to Science and Culture’ (2010) Wisconsin Law Review 121,160.

Emmanuel Hassan, Ohid Yaqub and Stephanie Diepeveen, Intellectual Property and Developing Countries: A Review of the

Literature, a technical report prepared to the UK Intellectual Property Office and the UK Department for International

Development, (2010) RAND Corporation (Europe).

Jean Raymond Hormere, Intellectual Property Rights Can Help Stimulate the Economic Development of Least Developed

Countries (2004) 27 (2) Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts 277-299.

Michael Blakeney and Getachew Mengistie, ‘Intellectual Property and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa’ (2011) 14 Journal of World Intellectual Property  238.

Jeremy de Beer and Chidi Oguamanam, Intellectual Property Training and Education,   Issue Paper No. 31- UNCTAD–ICTSD Project on IPRs and Sustainable Development (November 2010).

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