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Banks targeted most by cyber criminals in UAE

Cyber attacks in the UAE mostly target the banking sector, including the ATM and internet banking applications, says the official English magazine of the interior ministry.

The 999 magazine said the banking sector was the most-eyed target (35 percent) while the remaining 65 percent attacks were against the government’s e-services, telecommunication systems, and educational institutions’ systems.

To address this problem, many police offices in the UAE have set up cyber crime units.

They also have computer forensic teams that specialise in obtaining, recovering and analysing electronic evidence stored on computers or other electronic devices.

The 999 report said the nature of cyber crime has changed — from lone individuals trying to rattle the system, cyber criminals are now extremely well-organised, well-connected and well-funded groups.

Online crime is no longer about stealing people’s money and identity, though these remain the most common and lucrative scams.

Cyber crime syndicates are now capable of launching debilitating attacks on entire defence systems and national infrastructure.



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