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Contracting and Proving Contracts in Cyberspace

The research paper aims to address the legal implications and challenges that Internet technology coins upon the traditional concepts and principles of Jordanian civil law-and is particularly concerned with the formation of Contracts and Evidence law(s).It consists mainly of two parts: A preliminary introduction and two chapters. In the primary introduction the author defines and clarifies the technical aspects of the Internet, its array of different meaning(s) and varied implication(s), as well as a discussion of its historical development and vital rise.

The first part then considers procedures and stages through which contracts will be formed on-line: either pre-contractual or contractual one(s). The second chapter deals mainly with Evidence and attempts to discuss that contracts conducted through the Internet and cyberspace remain legally binding.The author concludes his article by presenting proposals and suggestions that-if, and once, implemented-would modernize and significantly update Contract(s) and Evidence laws in Jordan and in other countries of the Arabic world.

The article is available available in Arabic only here.

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