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Symposium: Beyond Copyright Industries: Publishing and Digital Futures – Wednesday, 21 September

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) and Asian Creative Transformations (ACT) are delighted to invite you to their next Symposium. This symposium explores the transformation of creative industry business models in response to digital technology in two related sessions.

Session 1: Academic Publishing and the Future of the Monograph

Academic publishing is at the nexus of debates about public investments in knowledge and innovation and the role of profit-oriented firms in processes of quality control and dissemination.  In a keynote address, Bloomsbury Academic Publisher Frances Pinter considers digital futures and transforming business models in academic publishing.  Respondent: Tom Cochrane.

Session 2: Research Perspectives: A Broader View

This session considers business model innovation and the role of copyright in a digital age from a broader perspective.  Are there lessons that might be taken from ‘Blue Ocean’ markets like China and India?  How does the shift from an informal economy dependant on piracy, towards a more structured industry, occur?  And what value can copyright offer in this context?

Panelists: Xiang Ren; Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi; Lucy Montgomery; Vijay Anand


1:00–1:15 Welcome and introduction.

1:15–1:45  Keynote by Frances Pinter:

Business Modelling for the Future and Consortium Models for Funding Academic Publishing

1:45–2:00 Respondent [Tom Cochrane]

2:00–2:30 Questions and discussion

2:30–3:00 Afternoon tea

3:00–3:30 Economic Perspectives [Jason Potts]

3:30–4:30 Panel: Research Perspectives:

A Broader View

4:30–5:00 Questions

5:00 – 5:15 Wrap-up [Christoph Antons].

Thank you and Close


Frances Pinter

Frances Pinter has been at the heart of change in academic publishing for over thirty years. Most recently she’s embraced the potential of digital and worked with new business models that employ innovative licensing schemes including a variety of open access schemes.  She established Bloomsbury Academic where monographs are published on Creative Commons non-commercial licenses.  She will be talking about the results of this experiment and also about her new proposals on how library consortia might purchase open access rights to scholarly books.

For more information on Frances see www. pinter.org.uk.

Date: Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time: 1.00–5.15pm

Venue: QUT Gardens Point Theatre Foyer

2 George Street, Brisbane

RSVP: infocci@qut.edu.au by Friday, 16 September

For the full program, please visit http://tiny.cc/4wu5s

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