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Software Freedom Day 2010, Melbourne, Australia

I will be a guest speaker for the Software Freedom Day that will be held at the State Library of  Victoria, Melbourne on 18 September 2010.

Talks (45 mins)Big picture talks on software freedom Workshops (90 mins)Hands on learning Short talks, panels & seminars(25 mins)
11:00 WelcomeDonna Benjamin (details)Why is free software important?Ben Sturmfels (details) OpenOffice, the basicsWen Lin (details) Accessible AndroidNick Burton (details)
11:30 How to be anonymous on the internetAndrew Thornton (details)
12:00 Creative CommonsRami Olwan from Creative Commons International (details) Using Open Source Software at HomeDaniel Jitnah (details)
12:30 WordPressSarah Stokely & Kathy Reid (details) Sugar – Editing is always onTony Forster (details)
1:00 Government 2.0Senator Kate Lundy & Pia Waugh (details) How to back up your GNU/Linux systemAlec Clews (details)
2:00 Multilingual webAndrew Cunningham from VicNet & OpenRoad (details) Drupal Basics (Set up a blog in minutes)Brian Gilbert (details)
2:30 Inkscape WorkshopDonna Benjamin, the guru (details) PyWeek (Writing games in Python)Richard Jones (details)
3:00 Open source and enterprisePaul Took from RedHat (details) The Future of Internet CensorshipColin Jacobs (details)
3:30 Cultivating NetworksDonal O Duibhir (details)
4:00 Finish

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