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GCC Most Vulnerable to Cyber Crimes

Infected personal computers in the Middle East region saw a 116 per cent increase in less than a year across the Gulf Cooperation Council with businesses and individuals failing to take adequate security precautions.

In April this year, there were more than 740,097 infected machines, making the GCC region one of the most vulnerable geographies in the globe to Internet content security problems, according to a latest report by Internet content security provider, Trend Micro in its latest report released yesterday.

This is part of a historical trend of high compromise of systems in the GCC region. From 2004 to 2009, the region saw an astonishing 8,140 per cent rise in the number of infected machines.

Saudi Arabia was the most affected during the period with theĀ  number of active and infected machines growing by a staggering 45,072 per cent. Bahrain saw an infection rate of 6,047 per cent while the rate of infection in the United Arab Emirates grew by 4,553 per cent during the period.

In Kuwait, it grew by 1,545 per cent, Qatar 4,468 percent and Oman 8,921 per cent for the same period.

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