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CC Gatalyst Grants Program

The deadline for submitting the proposals for the CC Catalyst program ended on 30th June 2010. The purpose of the program is to “further the CC’s mission of building legal and technical infrastructure for the commons”. CC Jordan and CC Australia have submitted a proposal to that program entitled “CC Policy Makers and Industry Leaders Arab World Forum”.The aim of the forum is to invite senior policy makers (judges, government officials, ministers and academics) and industry leaders for a two day meeting in Amman, Jordan to discuss the use of CC in the Arab world in government, academia and business.

The forum will also invite legal scholars and copyright experts from the region and abroad to assess to what extent CC legal framework can fit with the civil legal system and copyright law of Jordan and other Arab countries. This forum will be the first in a series of initiatives that CC Jordan will be conducting to raise public awareness of CC and how it could act as a path for development in the Arab region.

This forum will bring together people from different disciplines to examine the importance of open content licensing (including CC) and will contribute to the discussion around increasing the amount of Arabic content online through the initiatives of the public, private and educational sectors. For more information, please visit




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