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“Professional Liability” Conference- Call for Papers 13-14 April 2010, Irbid, Jordan

The Faculty of Law at Yarmouk University – Jordan is organizing a conference in the field of professional liability to be held in Jordan in the period of 13-14 April 2010.

Themes of the conference:

  • First: The Media Profession
    • The liability of journalist and mass media.
    • The liability of the electronic media.
    • The freedom of expression for the journalist and its guarantees:
      • The right to information and the secrecy of the source.
      • Arresting and detention the journalist.
      • Media control and censorship.
  • Second: The Construction Profession
    • Liability of the Design Profession.
    • Liability of civil and electric engineering profession.
    • Contractor liability.
    • FIDIC.
  • Third: The Medical Profession.
    • The right to obtain informed consent.
    • Duty to Treat.
    • Arresting and detention Physician.
    • Liability for disclosure patient’s secrets.
    • Liability for organ transplant.
  • Forth: Professional Ethics.
  • Fifth: Professional Liability and Insurance
  • Sixth: Contemporary Topics in Professional Liability.

To visit the Faculty of Law website, please visit http://www.yu.edu.jo/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=61

To learn more about this conference and to participate in, please visit http://www.yu.edu.jo/en/PLC/

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