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Conference on Electronic Transactions ‘E-commerce & E-governance’, 19-20 May 2009, Abu- Dhabi, UAE

The conference on electronic transactions ‘E-commerce & E-governance’ called for issuing new laws to combat all forms of encroachments against persons or funds while dealing with e-transactions.

In its  commendations, the conference, organised by the College of Law at the UAE University in association with the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, stressed that perpetrators of e-crimes should be brought to justice.The conference called on the government to make room for the licensing  process  for electronic signature companies as a start.

The recommendation stressed the need for creating technical agencies for investigation and for the intelligence of illegal use of modern e-communications modes through which e-transactions are processed. The attendees also demanded that the consumer protection law be reviewed to give the consumer — the weakest party — the right to go back on e-commerce contracts. Lawmakers were also urged to reconsider the e-transactions law to compel the e-signature service provider to adopt an objective with a responsibility-based approach.

The conference highlighted the need for the adoption of most successful international best practices in drafting relevant laws in order to create the sound legal framework for e-transactions. The participants also recommended that new advanced programmes on e-transactions be launched at colleges of law and for the setting up of special courts to settle disputes concerning e-transactions.

The government was urged to expand the umbrella of e-transactions, raise awareness of employees and clients about this type of transactions so as to inject confidence and spur the community to practise e-commerce. “There is a need for an integrated law to regulate e-publishing and access to websites and set penalties against offenders, according to one recommendation.

Countries were also encouraged to sign regional and international conventions on e-transactions with the aim of removing barriers for maintaining greater cooperation regionally and internationally.



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