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King Stresses Support for Future Judges

His Majesty King Abdullah on Thursday emphasised the need to support the Future Judges programme in order to upgrade the judicial system.

At a meeting with several students taking part in the programme, which was launched in November 2007, King Abdullah said the scheme plays a critical role in developing the country’s judiciary by producing qualified judges and enhancing the efficiency of courts, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

His Majesty emphasised his full support for the programme, stressing that developing the judiciary and proceeding with reform programmes are top priorities for the country.

The programme, which comes as part of the Ministry of Justice’s strategy to attract top students before they even enter university, aims to provide the Kingdom’s legal system with around 300-350 graduates over the next five years.

In order to qualify for the programme, students must obtain an average of at least 85 per cent in the Tawjihi exam and have a successful interview.

During yesterday’s meeting, Minister of Justice Ayman Odeh reviewed the programme’s progress, adding that the ministry drew up several programmes and initiatives to develop the judiciary in line with the Monarch’s directives.

The programme provides public university scholarships for excelling high school graduates.

After graduating from law school, selected students will enrol in the Judicial Institute of Jordan (JIJ) for a two-year degree.

Under a new ministry regulation, the selected students will become official employees upon starting their studies at the JIJ.

Upon graduation from the JIJ, they will be assigned to work in the ministry, the attorney general’s office or any other public institution requiring legal services.

This year, 50 students with Tawjihi (General Secondary School Certificate) grades of 85 per cent and above were admitted to the Future Judges programme at the University of Jordan (UJ).

An additional 12 students have already enrolled at UJ to study law, while 12 graduates were sent by the ministry to the UK to continue their legal education, according to the Justice Ministry.



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