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IT resellers predict gloomy outlook for the region

IT resellers in the Middle East and Turkey expect the economic outlook to deteriorate throughout 2009 and revealed IT budget stability against the backdrop of the declining economy, according to research released by IT management software company Computer Associates.

The survey revealed that 77 per cent of Middle Eastern and Turkish resellers expecting the economic outlook to deteriorate throughout 2009.

Encouragingly though, a significant 45 per cent think it will only get a little worse. The resellers expected a relatively high degree of budget stability against the backdrop of the declining economy. While 80 per cent of respondents in this region anticipate cuts, more than a third (39 per cent) said these will be small, potentially indicating a feeling that the worst times have already passed.

Virtualisation management has been identified as an area where spending is set to grow in 2009. The survey revealed that almost two-thirds (60 per cent) of Middle East and Turkish respondents expect spending on virtualisation management to increase this year.

Resellers also predicted growth in internet security (33 per cent), Business Service Management (33 per cent) and data centre automation (33 per cent).

Resellers were also questioned about where they anticipate deriving the most profit. Nearly 53 per cent of respondents expect recovery management (data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery) to be one of the most profitable. It was followed by virtualisation management with 50 per cent and internet security with 48 per cent.



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