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“Intellectual Property in the Digital Age”, Workshop at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Eqypt

The General Counsel Department at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) has organized a three days workshop entitled “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age” on 20-22 December, 2008.The workshop was a follow-up on a major seminar that the was organized by the BA in September 2006 called “New Tools for the Dissemination of Knowledge and Promotion of Innovation and Creativity: Global Developments and Regional Challenges”.


The workshop covered the following

  • Intellectual property laws, and its impact on the social and economic development.
  • WIPO development agenda.
  • Copyright issues with a special focus on creative commons licenses and how to use it. The first Arabic translation to these licenses will be discussed.
  • E-commerce and domain names.
  • Using copyright, trademarks and trade names on the internet and,
  • Licensing in the digital age.
Presentation Domian Names Eqypt (Final)

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