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Copyright and Bloggers – A Jordanian Perspective- A Presentation to the New Media and Law Confrence, Amman, Jordan

Copyright related issues are important for Jordan as it wants to be an active participant in the participatory media age; hence it needs to understand the implications of the digital revolution and determine appropriate legal regimes.

The presentation will discuss the legal risks associated with “the new killer application”, blogging and in particular copyright issues including infringement of reproduction and communication rights, liability of bloggers, blog hosting corporations and Internet Service Providers (ISP).

The main concentration will be the Jordanian Copyright Law No 22 for 1999 as amended (“the Copyright Law”). The relevant articles of the Copyright Law and their applicability on blogs and bloggers will be discussed and analysed.

A consideration of the practical measures that should be taken by Jordanian bloggers to protect them from copyright infringement and minimize their liability will be outlined as well. I will also examine the main problems with the current Copyright Law mainly stifling creativity and innovation within Jordanian bloggers and not maintaining an appropriate balance between copyright owners and users. I will provide some specific recommendations and suggestions on how to improve the current copyright system in Jordan to be more responsive to the challenges and the opportunities of web 2.0 and the user- generated media.

The full presentation is available here.

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