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The main reason for including Arabs e-commerce, e-transactions, and e-signature  laws in this page is to attempt to combine these three in one single website. I had difficulty as a researcher to find these laws as they were provided in many English and Arabic websites separately.

Although some of the laws you will find here still not yet in force, their mere presence and existence shows that Arabs have started to realize the importance of issuing and drafting laws to regulate electronic commerce and the internet.

Most of the Arab laws issued so far concentrate on e-commerce, and electronic contracting, electronic signature, and evidencing contracts in cyberspace, but they do not specifically deal with many other issues that need to be regulated as well. These include: domain names and its conflict with trademarks, copyright and the internet, eliminating the digital divide between the Arab countries and the technologically developed countries in relation to Information Communication Technologies (ICT), protecting privacy of individuals on the internet, modernizing administrative laws to prompt electronic exchange between government administrations, allowing companies to use the internet and other technologies to communicate with shareholders to simplify the process of corporate governance (e-corporate),cyber-crimes and many other issues as well.

In this webpage you will find most of the laws issued in the Arab world that relate to e-commerce and others . If you know of any other law that I did not include, please contact me and I will include it in this webpage. You will find each law organized here in a single page. For your ease of reference I included in each page: country, the title of the law, the date of issuance (if known), description of it, and its status.

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