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Increase of Patents Registrations in UAE

The UAE government announced that the patent registration rate has increased in the government seven times compared to last year. The Minister of Economy, H.E. Eng. Sultan Al Mansoori said that the increase in patent applications represents the practical implementation of the directives of the wise leadership to make innovation a key driver for comprehensive and sustainable development.

He explained that the accomplishment is an important leap in government-led efforts to build a competitive knowledge-based economy led by qualified, creative and empowered Nationals. He also added that the continuation of the development path in the field of patents provides the appropriate environment for encouraging inventors, supporting creative minds, and helping the local business community to use innovation to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life and prosperity of society. This promotes the leadership of the UAE in the field of intellectual rights and makes it a preferred destination for innovation and creativity. Ultimately, this would speed up the fulfillment of conditions for sustainability and lays the foundations for a productive economy.





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