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Global Intellectual Property Index 2015

The Global Intellectual Property Center located in Washington, D.C has released its third edition of the Global Intellectual Property Index for 2015. The report is entitled “UP: Unlimited Potential”.

The Index evaluates the IP laws and enforcement in 30 countries around the globe. The U.A.E is the only country from the Arab world that is included in the report. A summary of the main conclusion of the report in relation to the UAE is provided below:

“The UAE’s overall score has stayed broadly the same as in the second edition of the GIPC Index, at 39% of the total possible score (with a score of 11.72 in the second edition and 11.71 in the third edition). Though the IP environment on the ground remains challenging, with worsening software piracy rates and a noticeable hike in counterfeit exports that pass through the economy, the UAE has taken significant steps in 2014 to set the stage for improving its legal framework for trademark protection.”

The report mentions clearly the importance of updating the IP regime in the U.A.E to be compatible with international standards and practice. To read the full report, please visit the link here.

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