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Haia goes after cybercriminals

There has been an interesting development in the activities of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) with the creation of a specialized department to tackle cybercrimes.

Cybercrime threatens Egyptian businesses and individuals

In the first three months of 2009, Trend Micro has cleaned more than a million infected computers across the region and 447,732 of those were in Egypt. The number of infected computers in the country is set to grow as spam peaks at 200 billion a day globally.

Banks targeted most by cyber criminals in UAE

Cyber attacks in the UAE mostly target the banking sector, including the ATM and internet banking applications, says the official English magazine of the interior ministry.

Dh1b lost to cyber criminals in UAE

More than 1.5 million people fell victim to cybercrime in the UAE in the past 12 months, suffering Dh1.039 billion in direct financial losses, a new study revealed.

GCC Most Vulnerable to Cyber Crimes

Infected personal computers in the Middle East region saw a 116 per cent increase in less than a year across the Gulf Cooperation Council with businesses and individuals failing to take adequate security precautions.

Hacking is New Realm of Moroccan-Algerian Conflict

ALGIERS (Ramadan Belamry)
The Algerian-Moroccan dispute over the Western Sahara has entered a new realm as hackers took the decades-old land conflict into cyberspace with attacks on websites and domain names.

Dubai’s e-Police Probe 222 Internet Crime Cases

Police chiefs in Dubai say a team set up to carry out round-the-clock checks on the internet has investigated a total of 222 cases so far this year. Cases included 87 involving fraud and other financial crimes, 38 cases of illegal hacking and 92 cases of defamation and extortion.

Al Arabiya Hunts for Hackers in US courts

Al Arabiya is pursuing legal recourse in American courts after hackers took control of the Dubai-based channel’s domain name in the most prominent cyber attack since the recent Sunni-Shiite ‘hacking war’ began.

Shitte Muslims Deface AL Arabiya

The official website of AL Arabiya at http://www.alarabiya.net was defaced and hacked by Shitte Muslims. AL Arabiya is an “Arabic-language television news channel” owned by various sunni investors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other gulf states.

Draft Law on Internet Crime in Kuwait

The Public Prosecution Office (PPO) has prepared a draft law on combating internet crime, which will shortly be submitted to the Cabinet for final approval. The move was announced by Public Prosecutor Hamid Al-Othman, who said that such legislation is urgently needed, given the recent steep rise in the number of online crimes, reported Al […]

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