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PROL Workshop, CUMERC, Amman, Jordan 23-24 Janyary 2009

The Palestinian Rule of Law Program (PROL) supported by Soros Foundation and Open Society Institute (OSI) Netowk is holding a workshop for their alumni at Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC), Amman, Jordan on 23-24 January 2010.

Jordanian Courts Extend Law to Curb Internet Freedoms

The Court of Cassation in Amman has issued a controversial decision that chill free speech over the Internet. The Court mentioned clearly that the Press and Publication Law is also applicable on websites and bloggers or others publishing offensive materials criticising the government and jeopardising national unity will be prosecuted under the law.

Access to Knowledge at the Internet Governance Forum

Consumers International and the African Copyright and A2K Project (ACA2K) this week held a successful workshop looking at the Global State of Copyright and Access to Knowledge at the 2009 meeting of the multi-stakeholder United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Exploring Open Content at IGF, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt,15-18 November 2009

Aurelia J. Schultz blogging in the Afro- Intellectual property blog mentioned the workshop that will be running at the IGF Internet Governance forum entitled “Open Content and Open Content Licensing in the Arab World: challenges  and Opportunities” submitted on behalf of CC Jordan.

Sharm El Sheikh Conference, Egypt , 19-20 November 2009

The Sharm El Shikeh International Arbitration Centre (SHIAC), the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology,  the European Court of Arbitration- ECA, the “centre d’Etudes et de Documentation Economiques. Juridiques et Sociales- CEDEJ” and the Arab Association for International Arbitration- AAIA are organising an international conference on information technology law.

Primer on News Media Law and Policy Published

In April, 2009, the Jordan Media Strengthening Program published a comprehensive overview of the laws, policies, institutions and practices governing news media in Jordan. The report, available in English and Arabic, represents the culmination of the JMSP’s work in Jordan over the past three years.

“Professional Liability” Conference- Call for Papers 13-14 April 2010, Irbid, Jordan

The Faculty of Law at Yarmouk University – Jordan is organizing a conference in the field of professional liability to be held in Jordan in the period of 13-14 April 2010.

New Free/Open Source Software Law Journal Launches

The first issue of the International Free Open Source Software Law Review is now launched (IFOSS L. Rev.).  The Law Journal aims to increase knowledge and understanding among lawyers about Free and Open Source Software issues.

Conference on Electronic Transactions ‘E-commerce & E-governance’, 19-20 May 2009, Abu- Dhabi, UAE

The conference on electronic transactions ‘E-commerce & E-governance’ called for issuing new laws to combat all forms of encroachments against persons or funds while dealing with e-transactions.

Copyright Future: Copyright Freedom

Copyright Future: Copyright Freedom, Old Parliament House, Canberra Australia
This conference – Copyright Future: Copyright Freedom – will be held at Old Parliament House (OPH) in Canberra on Wednesday 27th May and Thursday 28th May 2009. The month of May in 2009 marks 40 years since the commencement of the Australian Copyright Act of 1968.

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