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E-singnature Laws

Syria’s Electronic Signature and Network Services Law No. 4 of 2009

The law has been approved on 25 February 2009. It deals not only with electronic contracts, electronic signature and the local domain names of Syria. The law has 34 article.

Eqyptia’s Law No. 15 of 2004 on E-signature and Estblishment of Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA)

The law consists of 30 Articles. It deals with establishing Information Technology Industry Development Authority, its goals, financial resources, budget, management, meetings, executive head, entities working in e-transaction fields, e-signature, e-writing, applicability of evidence and civil law, digital certificates, responsibilities of the authorities, penalties and other issues. The law is available in Arabic only […]

Lebanon’s E-signature draft law

Summary: The draft consists mainly of 45 articles covering a broad range of subjects that aim to approve electronic contracts conducted online. The provisions of the draft law deals with legal acceptance of electronic signatures, retention of electronic records, electronic contracts. The law is only available in Arabic here.