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E-transactions Laws

UAE’s Federal No. of 2006 on Electronic Commerce and Transactions

The Law consists of 37 articles and is the Federal Law that is applicable on all the UAE Emirates. It regulates various issues in relation to online contracts, electronic signature, government use of electronic signature, certification authorities and evidencing contracts made online over the Internet. The full law can be downloaded from here. 

Palestine’s Electronic Commerce and Exchange Draft Law

Summary: The draft law consists of 76 articles covering issues related to electronic contracts and evidence. It consists of 8 chapters which deals with data letter, electronic signature, public authority for electronic certification, electronic commercial certification, crime and penalties and final provisions.The draft law is available only in Arabic here. 

Bahrain’s Electronic Commerce Decree No. 28 of 2002

Summary: The law consists of 27 articles covering conclusion of contracts, retention of records, acknowledgement of receipt, responsibility of the network intermediaries, inspection authorities and penalties. The law is available only in Arabic here. 

Jordan’s Electronic Transaction Law No. 85 of 2001

Summary: The act consists of 41 articles, 7 chapters and covers the following: electronic records, electronic signature, information letter, transferable electronic deed, electronic money transfer, authentication certificate, and penalties. The law also puts an obligation on the Council of Ministers to issue the necessary regulation to implement this law. The law is available here. 

Tunisia’s Electronic Exchanges and Electronic Commerce Law No. 83 of 2000

Summary: The law has been enacted for the purpose of regulating electronic exchange and electronic commerce. It covers many issues such as electronic document, electronic signature, national certification authority, electronic certification services, electronic commerce transactions, protecting confidential information and infractions and penalties. The law is available here. 

Dubai’s Electronic Transactions and Commerce Law No. 2 of 2002

The law consists of 39 articles and 8 chapters. It regulates all issues related to e-contract and e-signature. It deals with requirements for electronic transactions, formation and validity of e-contracts, protected electronic records and signature, authentication, certificates, certification services, government use of electronic records and signature, penalties and other miscellaneous previsions. The law is available […]