Rami Olwan

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Cyber Law

Critical review of the proposed Palestinan electronic commerce and signature laws

This research paper critically reviews two draft laws prepared by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), namely the Electronic Transactions (E-Commerce) Law and the Electronic Authentications (E-Signatures) Law. It also provides recommendations to improve the draft laws and create a favorable legal environment to facilitate e-commerce in Palestine.

Legal issues posed by M-Commerce

The article discusses a new type of e-commerce that is emerging and it is called M Commerce. In this type of commerce, known as mobile e-commerce or M-Commerce, the user uses an Internet connection to access the World Wide Web (“web”) from different locations and can engage in purchasing and trading from virtually anywhere.

Will the Internet remain a global public commons ?

The researcher argues that the Internet, as originally conceived in the early sixties, changed from a nonproprietary environment where everyone could enter and express their views and opinions and publish material freely to an environment which each country is trying to control under its own laws and regulations.

ICT & digital divide in the Arab World

The research paper discusses the digital divide, one of the most pivotal issues facing governments worldwide.The paper begins by giving an overview of globalization and why it is one of the reasons and catalysts and perhaps solutions behind the digital divide.