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Ship Owner’s Obligations

The research paper concentrated on shipowners’ liability. In this paper I categorized shipowners’ obligations under three distinct groups. Shipowners’ obligations before commencement of the voyage, shipowners’ obligations during the voyage, and their obligations after the ships reach their final destinations.

Fair Dealing

This research paper is written about the fair dealing defence in the U.K Copyright, Design and Patent Act of 1988. The research paper includes an introduction to the fair dealing defence, its history, and how it was introduced for the first time in the UK. I explored sections 29-30 of the Act.

Detailed Study on Conflicts Over Domain Names

The study explores legal implications posed by the growth of establishing websites and registration of domain names. The researcher introduces his paper by providing readers with a primary introduction to domain names, their definitions, the Domain Name System (DNS), types of domain names either generic; Top level domains (gTLDS)

Peer-to-peer copying (P2P)

The Internet offers unlimited and astonishing possibilities to distribute and share copyrighted materials. This use may give rise to copyright infringement claims from copyright owners.

Will the Internet remain a global public commons ?

The researcher argues that the Internet, as originally conceived in the early sixties, changed from a nonproprietary environment where everyone could enter and express their views and opinions and publish material freely to an environment which each country is trying to control under its own laws and regulations.

ICT & digital divide in the Arab World

The research paper discusses the digital divide, one of the most pivotal issues facing governments worldwide.The paper begins by giving an overview of globalization and why it is one of the reasons and catalysts and perhaps solutions behind the digital divide.

A New Perspective on WIPO’s Panelists Domain Names Decisions

The research paper builds on earlier studies that examine the UDRP system, and assess the flaws and bias within that system. It outlines first the problem with domain name disputes, and analyzes the different regulatory models for regulation of domain names and cyberspace as envisaged by professor Lawrence Lessig.

A Comparative Study of the Means of Resolving Domain Name Disputes

The research tries to examine the extent to which the Jordanian legal system is capable of dealing with the problem of cybersquatting. It argues that the current Jordanian legal system is not currently capable of dealing with the problem of cybersquatting, and this is due to several reasons.

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