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Creative Commons licenses and the music industry

The music industry has been facing many problems lately especially those related to digital technology and the internet. Lawrence Lessig, a leading scholar in cyber law argues that copyright law needs to be adaptive to the current situation.

Why Do We Need Criminal Sanctions to Combat Typosquatting?

The purpose of the paper is to examine why we need criminal sanctions to deal with domain name disputes particularly in the case of typosquatting? Are the civil liabilities in the Anti Cyber Protection Act (ACPA) not enough to combat typosquatting? Do we need the Truth of Domain Name Act (TDNA)?

Consideration and the Death of Contract Theory

It is argued that the traditional rule of past consideration is vague, unclear and uncertain without any real explanation and solid justification, and that is evidenced by the fact that courts, drafters of the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, and legal scholars have all struggled with the notion of that rule trying to find whether

Is the DMCA going far in protecting technological measures?

Technology plays an important role in our daily lives. Every day our life, education and business are based on the use and advancement of technology. We can not now live normally and complete our work without seeking the assistance of technology.

Critical review of the proposed Palestinan electronic commerce and signature laws

This research paper critically reviews two draft laws prepared by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), namely the Electronic Transactions (E-Commerce) Law and the Electronic Authentications (E-Signatures) Law. It also provides recommendations to improve the draft laws and create a favorable legal environment to facilitate e-commerce in Palestine.

Conflict Between Trademarks and Domain Names

In the past decade, the rapid growth of the Internet in recent years and the proliferation of Information Technologies (IT) are making a dramatic and profound impact on the way humans communicate, conduct business, and sell their goods and services.

Legal issues posed by M-Commerce

The article discusses a new type of e-commerce that is emerging and it is called M Commerce. In this type of commerce, known as mobile e-commerce or M-Commerce, the user uses an Internet connection to access the World Wide Web (“web”) from different locations and can engage in purchasing and trading from virtually anywhere.

Cybersquatting and Jordanian Trademark Law

The article addresses the situation under the current Jordanian Trademark Law Number 34 of 1999 and try to answer a question whether the Jordanian Trademark Law No. 34 of 1999 in its current situation capable of dealing with the cybersquatting phenomena.

Are UAE courts prepared to solve domain name disputes?

In this article, I examine whether Emirate’s Courts are capable of solving domain name disputes. I consider the conditions that local courts require to file domain dispute claims, why in my opinion local courts are not prepared to solve those kind of disputes and the steps to be taken that could if and once implemented […]

Corporate Personality

In this research paper I examined the dictum of Lord Halsbury on Salmon V Salmon [1897] A.C.22 that outlined very fundamental concept of corporate law in the U.K. I assessed the Limited Liability Company (LLC), one-man companies, and group of companies.

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