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CC Jordan

CC Jordan: First Arabic Version 3.0 License Draft in Public Discussion

Jordanian legal experts are making major strides in the Creative Commons license porting process by producing the first Version 3.0 CC license draft in Arabic. Adapted to Jordanian law, the license draft is being discussed on CC Jordan

Artists Advocate for Establishment of

By Taylor Luck, The Jordan Times
AMMAN – With pirated DVDs, computer software, books and music readily available at roadside vendors across the Kingdom, at first glance it may not seem that the country needs less restrictive copyright licences.
But UK artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White of the Open Music Archive have been touring the country, […]

Creative Commons Expands To The Middle East With AGIP

Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) is the first to bring the International Commons (iCommons) project to the Middle East.

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