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SDP 2013, Toronto, Canada

I will be attending the eleventh Oxford Internet Institute’s Summer Doctoral Program (OII SDP) that will be held at University of Toronto, Faculty of Information (i-school) from 8-19 July 2013.

Book: Nexus: New Intersections in Internet Research

Peter Lang has published a book entitled Nexus: New Intersections in Internet Research. The book is a collection of research papers written by attendees of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) Summer Doctoral Program 2009 that was held in Brisbane, Australia.

OII SDP 2009

The Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Program for 2009 was held from 6-17 July in QUT Brisbane, Australia has just finished. I was fortunate enough to be accepted in the program and attend with a scholarship from CCI.

Happy birthday to GNU!

25 years ago Richard Stallman started the GNU (”Gnu’s Not Unix”) project to create a computer operating system like Unix (then ascendant in computer labs like the one Stallman worked in), but with source code free for programmers to run, study, share, and improve.

Spam and Network Diversity, Does It Mean the End of the Internet?

I will discuss below two problems that may have a severe effect on the development of the internet. Spam and network diversity relate in one-way or another to each other.

A Review of the Theory and Practice of Open Access to Knowledge

The internet has revolutionized the way humans disseminate ideas, share knowledge and build upon existing scholarship of thoughts.