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Cyber Law

The Penguin and the Leviathan- How Cooperation Triumphs over Self-Interest

I have read the book by Yochai Benkler entitled the “Penguin and the Leviathan- How Cooperation Triumphs over Self Interest” (Crown Business, 2011).

“Web 2.0, Facebook and Social Networking: Law and Policy” A presentation by Mozelle Thompson

I attended a presentation entitled “Web 2.0, Facebook and Social Networking: Law and Policy” by the legal consultant for Facebook Mr. Mozelle Thompson (see him below in a You Tube video).

FAQs on Cyber Laws

The following is a list of questions about cyberspace and Internet law. I do not claim in any particular way that the questions nor their answers are to be considered complete or conclusive.

Do We Need Research on OSS Legal Issues in the Arab world?

Free or Open source software (OSS) refers to computer software available with its source code and under an open source license to study, change, and improve its design. OSS applications such as Linux, Apache and Bind have become widely used in the last few years, along with the expansion of the internet.

Some thoughts on Blogging from a Legal Perspective

Discussion of blogging is important at this time, as we are seeing the increase in the number of blogs and bloggers. The new ‘killer application’ is sweeping everything, as many people from different backgrounds want to create their own blogs and start blogging to the world.

Recommended Readings for Internet Law

Lawrence Lessig, Code and other Laws of Cyberspace, Basic books, 1999, New York.
Lawrence Lessig, the Future of Ideas, Random House, 2001, New York.