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Shitte Muslims Deface AL Arabiya

The official website of AL Arabiya at http://www.alarabiya.net was defaced and hacked by Shitte Muslims. AL Arabiya is an “Arabic-language television news channel” owned by various sunni investors from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other gulf states.

Draft Law on Internet Crime in Kuwait

The Public Prosecution Office (PPO) has prepared a draft law on combating internet crime, which will shortly be submitted to the Cabinet for final approval. The move was announced by Public Prosecutor Hamid Al-Othman, who said that such legislation is urgently needed, given the recent steep rise in the number of online crimes, reported Al […]

Cyber Crimes in the Middle East

I was interested in cybercrimes in Dubai, 2001 when a British engineer named Lee Ashurst was caught for hacking into the state- controlled system, causing one of its servers to cease working, destroying the record of United Arab Emirates only internet service provider Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat). The cause of the attack was believed to […]

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